Tuesday, January 27, 2009


These days, I've been listening to that Masakalli gaana from Delhi 6 almost 30 times a day. Problem is that I can't listen to the whole song, because I listen to it on TV.

See, I heard the song for the first time on TV and then I was addicted. So, the natural course of action was downloading the gaana, and that is what I did. I listened to it on my computer, but it just didn't sound the same. As in, I didn't feel like playing it again and again. Which caused me to come to the conclusion that I'm over it.

Then, I heard it on TV again. And I wanted to hear it again and again. So, I kept surfing music channels until I found one playing the song. Once the song was over on that channel, I would surf the other channels and would only stop when I came upon the song again. And since there a good 8 music channels that play the song at regular intervals, I had to deal with disappointments such as being able to catch only the last bit of the song on the 8th channel, because I had been busy surfing the first 7 channels.

And then it hit me. I don't like the song. I like the video. I like a beautiful Indian woman doing the Egyptian dance with a pigeon on her head. I like Sonam Kapoor.

And I like to wonder who I'm talking to.