Sunday, March 30, 2008

And the deed is done

And the deed is done

After about 90 days of nerve-wracking, brain-wrecking and all sorts of other wreckings and wrackings, I've finally convinced myself to start a blog. I think I owe my readers *cringes and remembers he doesn't have any* and myself an explanation regarding my late entry into the blog-arena:

1) An excruciatingly slow internet connection that compelled me to restrict my internet activities to research for 'em school projects on topics like 'France', 'Wildlife in Australia' and 'The Lack of Deterministic Casualty in Quantum Mechanics' (Now, now, it's not very polite to subject you to such pretensions in my first-ever post. 'Research' during the school days was a non-interactive 5-step process. More on that later. All right, all right, I was lying about that quantum mechanics bit)

2) The dark days of Orkutting and Facebooking mania in school left me so mentally scarred that I used to shiver with fright whenever I read or heard the phrase 'social networking' (don't make me say that again) and, over a period of time, I somehow began to equate blogging with 'You-Know-What'. (For all those who underestimate the impact of two words on the human body and mind, please refer to the Harry Potter Series by J K Rowling)

3) Blogging was to me, in my pre-enlightenment days, merely a refuge for those who wanted to 'be heard'. My conversion stems partly from the realization that it's definitely much more than that and partly from the unbridled joy that one experiences in the course of using a wi-fi connection, especially if one has grown up on internet speeds not exceeding 0.01 Mpbs.

Causes narrated; let us now delve into how this blog was born. (Damn, why do I sound like a science teacher trying to get the Big Bang Theory across to his class? This is what 14 years of Indian education does to you. You start sounding like a friggin science teacher) Well, a couple of days are spent in trying to get my ego to swallow all that it had previously said and felt about blogs to well-meaning friends and relatives. Then, another couple of days are spent contemplating whether it's a good idea to run off to the jyotish, ask him to read my kundali and tell me when I can start my blog. (C’mon, everyone does that these days. A lot depends on when shani and rahu are crossing paths.) But things don't quite pan out that way and the man can only give me an appointment after 3 months or so. So, I decide that I have to take matters in my own hands. The christening is rather easy, as the blog name has been thought of somewhere amidst all the ego-swallowing and the jyotishbaazi. The template is chosen. And in a matter of minutes, I reach The Promised Land

And the deed is done.

Welcome to A Gallon Of Butterbeer

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