Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Whine Post

Why, oh why do I have to suck at the thing I want to rock at, goddamit?

Why am I the worst sucker in the history of sucking at the thing you want to be good at?

Why is it so hard to chuck it all up and take a chance?

Okay, so this has finally become exactly the thing I didn’t want it to become, but the thing I knew it would become some day. A whine-about-your-crappy-life blog. Damn.


Viraj said...

big fan! moares rocks!

Moares said...

@Viraj: Yipeeeeee!!! A comment!! *does Zulu war dance*

Woo-hoo! Now I know what getting comments feels like. Thanks, Viraj.

Moares said...

@Viraj: And you've won yourself a Crackle for the ego-massaging.

Viraj said...

how a crackle can elude you, mock you and make you wait and wait forever.

Moares said...

Patience, my friend, is the mother of all virtues

some body said...

liar. you told me u think whiny blogs are nice. why wouldnt u want urs to be tht sort then?