Monday, March 9, 2009

The One Where The Illiterate Person Sells All Books For "Paani-Puri"

A literate person derives more utility by reading books. But an illiterate person may not read but sell all such books for the sake of "Paani-Puri"

- Refresher Course Economics Std XII

An industry consists of different groups. Let us take the example of 'Cloth Industry'. In cloth industry one group specializes on suitings, another on shirts, the third one on banians and so on.

- Economics Text Book Std XII


Viraj said...

"1 anna is 12 paise and 1 rupee is 16 anna"

pearsons general knowledge manual

Moares said...

And Barah Anna is a movie

Viraj said...

how i remember those days!

some body said...

arey but 1 anna is 12 paise and 1 rupee is 16 anna.
and anna was a word.
why don't i understand this comment?