Wednesday, April 22, 2009

10 English Sentences for Fabio Capello

We, at A Gallon of Butterbeer are a helpful bunch. And we know that England national football team boss Fabio Capello needs a little help with his English. So, our ever-thoughtful sportswriter came up with a list of 10 English sentences that the Italian manager might find useful

1. I’ve had enough of these goalkeeper buffoons, I wish Gigi Buffon was English

2. I was wondering if Frank and John will be allowed to play in a Chelsea shirt, because then they won’t act like they’ve never kicked a ball in their life

3. Nice suit, David. I must tell Armani I’d like a similar one

4. Rio, if I ever catch you trying to steal John’s Captain Armband again, I will bench you for the rest of your career

5. I know you won’t slip again, John, but you will NOT take a penalty

6. Theo, you will not wear that ‘I love Ericsson’ T-shirt to training ever again. And the same goes to you, David.

7. Wayne, you need to lose some weight

8. I will not tolerate late nights and any other kind of indiscipline. I’m not bloody Steve McLaren

9. This English weather is so depressing

10. Yes, yes, I know that you’ll won the World Cup in ’66.


Anonymous said...

this was long overdue. it had to be published sometime.

some body said...

please moares. please please please post more often.
your loving fan
Some Body

sushruthi said...

I love :)
10) especially.
England fans are almost as bad as scouse gimps. Except oh wait, this IS their year :D