Monday, May 25, 2009


"D’Mello, too, was gone. Perhaps he was not dead. Perhaps he had simply gone home, at last, to his storied city of Mumbai, on the country’s other coast, that city which was neither of the north nor of the south but a frontierville, the greatest, most wondrous, and most dreadful of all such places, the megalopolis of the borderlands, the place of in-between."

Salman Rushdie (In The South)


some body said...

the city where you find both- susheel men and warrior princesses ;)and the fact that they can be the best of friends :)

Rushdie has his way with words doesn't he?
What a line!

Moares said...

the city where warrior princesses drive susheel men to college..:)

and in that same short story, he writes "D'Mello had grown up in another city, Mumbai, the legendary bitch-city, urbs prima in Indis, and had to be spoken to in English."

sushruthi said...

It amuses me that you chose a line describing Bombay from a short story set in MY city. :)