Wednesday, August 25, 2010

About a Comeback

It is not easy to make a comeback. I wish it was.

Damn, I really need a change in theme.

I used to make fun of posts that sound like my recent ones. *sigh*

Tch, tch, self pity. *shakes head*


Niyati Gandhi said...

Random person commented on last post. Random Asian person commented on last post.
Excellence is excellence in any form.
And it never wears off.
So dust it.
And move it.
I can design your template for you.
Like mine?

Moares said...

It was not just the blog I was talking about. I was referring to a comeback in general, in life. You've witnessed the decline. I'm sure you got that. See, I'm going on this look-at-me-I'm-such-a-poor-little-puppy trip again. Damn, it's probably a medical condition. They must have a term for this.

Anonymous said...

Moares said...

@Anon: Ah, exactly what I needed. Thank you for the taking the trouble and all that. By the way, I have a sneaky feeling we know each other.