Saturday, December 18, 2010

60 word fiction-II

In the post-modern world, he'd read, there are no moral absolutes. He'd tried finding solace in other philosophical abstractions, in the works of men and women who had devoted their lives to the pursuit of elusive answers. In their defence, he thought, the questions were engaging enough. But this time, there were far too many miscalculations in his moral mathematics.


Carkey said...

This is nice; seemingly different from the first one,yet seems part of the same narrative.
Why exactly 60 words though?

Moares said...

It's a throwback to the precis-writing that we used to have in school. We would have to summarize English comprehension passages in 60 words. So, we'd make little boxes (12 X 5) and then summarize. Even I've wondered why it was exactly 60 words. It's an ICSE (that was my board in school) thing.