Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Daily Defeat

It's the yellow scimitar again, a flash at first,

I move away just in time, a half-roll on my unwilling torso,

I run my fingers over my cheek, where the gash would have been,

There are many of them now, piercing my bedsheet-armour as though it were muslin,

It is a new day, and I am not prepared for the onslaught,

The flanks are narrow, the enemy relentless, I am capitulating,

I writhe about pathetically on the battlefield-bed, the creases like wounds,

Wretched technology conspires and the alarm on my phone goes off,

There is a clanging in my ears, it is the bugle of a perverse and unequal triumph,

I open my eyes, and survey the wreckage of my daily defeat.


Anonymous said...

And you were blogging on your B'day.WOW!! Typical Metal Goat(ur chinese zodiac).
PS:i know that because i am also a Metal Goat:)

Moares said...

@anonymous: So according to, we're "motivated by accord, jealous, defensive, vulnerable and unbalanced." Not secretive, no?

Anonymous said...

That was prompt.And I so knew u would google 'Metal Goat'.Anonymity isnt synonymous with surreptitiousness Vikram.There's so much magic in this world.Magic is not just spells and potions and Harry Potter.Our lives are just a series of intertwined networks.Thats magic.The space between 2 people.Thats magic.If our lines are to cross each other in the future, i'll surely let you know.For the nonce, let it be.

PS: Chinese Astrology is some science.I can vouch.And for all that i have delved in it,metal goats like you and me are very very rare.Infact ur the closest i can relate myself to.Happy 20th buddy:)

Nidhi said...

Is a defeat a defeat unless you think it is a defeat?

Moares said...

@Nids: A defeat is always a defeat.

Nidhi said...

Not really.
It's all about how you tune your mind.
At least I hope so. Or else the moot is a big defeat. Blah.

Fudge said...

I feel your pain. I suffer the same daily defeat. Sigh.

RUBBY said...

you can stand high on the wreckage of your daily defeat and that should give you a good visibility.