Thursday, December 22, 2011

Silk Route

In the books of Rumi, you are a lover of leaving

Plucking the ecstatic strings

Of the rubabs of my grieving.

Let me hear the tinkling of your anklets

The exquisite sound of the beasts' bells

As they trudge into Samarkand.

Your soft hips are laden with riches,

I grip them as I would reams of silk

And other wonders of that ilk.

I look at the mounds on your chest

And I remember the blue domes nudging the sky.

I am Timur in your Registan

Only I will never reach my Hindustan.

In your eyes is my madrasah

Where I learnt the secrets of Bukhara.

Shirin, Shirin. I know I am only a traveller.

You will allow my solitary caravan rest in your sarai

Only for this night, for the Route is arduous.

In light of day, I will have to go

To govern with an iron hand and weak heart

For you have made me the satrap

Of the province of nothingness.

All of Persia calls me a modern day Farhad

Only our tongue has changed

In our tempered attraction

We speak today of investment and non-disclosure

But like the time when they would ride, glassy-eyed, to Ferghana

Our eyes still speak without speech, drink without lips.


Anonymous said...


Moares said...

How I love anonymous comments. Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Shirin and Farhad <3
Your longing for your love story touches my heart.
Someday, somehow, somewhere.

Moares said...

My longing for my love story? But you must separate the writer from the written. But then again, who can separate the dancer from the dance.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. So very beautiful :)

Moares said...

@Anonymous(es): I think I want to take back what I said about anonymous comments earlier. Now I keep wondering who you/you all are.

Anonymous said...

Honesty loses itself in labels. Don't search for identity. You might lose your secret admirers.
You are no different from what you write.
Why do you think he became a shayar when he saw his haseena?

Moares said...

Main shayar toh nahin, magar ay haseen...

Anonymous said...

Your haseena must be really beautiful if she's the inspiration for your poetry.

Moares said...

Haseenas, in fact. My sources of inspiration are multiple.

Anonymous said...

Don't overplay the mom cliche. Can't lose respect for you already. Pick the playboy line. I can picture you as Rishi Kapoor "Bachna Ae Haseeno" with that line.